Cats Vs Dogs

This is the hardest test I’ve taken ever… Cats or Dogs Good things about cats: They’re cute They snuggle up to you Cats love attention They aren’t a lot of work They aren’t demanding (As much) They love you no matter what Cats will always come home again Bad things about cats: They scratch everything…

Back to school

Back to school I guess… Still getting into the full swing of the whole routine of school

Hear from you

Using the comments below I want to hear from you about your favorite holiday highlight! (believe me, I have a lot of highlights:) !) Thanks! P.S: I like long stories πŸ™‚

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to all! Here’s some good holiday ideas for everyone: MOVIES These are some movies for kids that are family favorites the batman Lego movie Ballerina Sing surprisinglyΒ  great movies πŸ™‚ SHOPPING Shopping is great on holidays! It helps you relax and have fun. Like shopping at your local: Big W Kmart Target Toys…

IPod (64 gigabites) Review

Things you might not know about your IPod : If you hold down the button at the bottom of the screen a helpful robot called siri can help you know more about everything things you can say to get funny answers Can you beat box? How do I look? Mirror,Mirror on the wall who’s the…