Cats Vs Dogs

This is the hardest test I’ve taken ever… Cats or Dogs

Good things about cats:

  1. They’re cute
  2. They snuggle up to you
  3. Cats love attention
  4. They aren’t a lot of work
  5. They aren’t demanding (As much)
  6. They love you no matter what
  7. Cats will always come home again

Bad things about cats:

  1. They scratch everything
  2. They wreck furniture, pillows etc.
  3. They leave hair everywhere
  4. They are a bit demanding…sometimes
  5. They smell sometimes

Good things about dogs:

  1. Dogs love to play with you
  2. They are energetic and playful
  3. They are happy to have company any time of the day
  4. They are adorable
  5. They love attention as well

Bad things about dogs:

  1. They smell
  2. They’re hard work
  3. They never stop wanting attentdion
  4. They need toliet training

Results…. I still can’t decide 😦


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